A little of anything and everything.

Decided to upload the pelts and hide I have so far!

The huge one is a blue wildebeest, and though he’s a little rough around the edges (literally; someone along the line of ownership stored him incorrectly and bugs chewed at him), but he has some gorgeous markings and a nice mane and tail.

Next is my black-backed Jackal I call ‘Daisy’ (incidentally, the only one with a name) bought from thegreenwolf on etsy. She is a headdress; I just tucked the ties under her for the purpose of this picture (thegreenwolf is also here on Tumblr).

After that are my pine marten from NaturePunk (who has the same Tumblr name). Next to it is a vintage mink stole my mom got for me (looks a bit silly/cute).

Lastly, my platinum marble fox (I believe that’s the coloration anyway) I bought from a taxidermist on eBay.

I’m also going to be adding a hyena cub to the family soon, I’m really super excited! But these are my babies for now!