A little of anything and everything.

All of the goodies I received from Zhon along with my hyena pelt!

She really spoiled me :’D

The feathers and that neat looking orb in the last photo are also things that came in the box, but I guess you also get to see the small collection I have displayed too! I have a lynx or bobcat skull (I forgot what type it is…), a water buffalo horn, two snail shells, an antique key I decorated ages ago, coatimundi claws, an African lion knuckle bone, bits of African lion skin in a vial (last three courtesy of NaturePunk on Etsy!), a preserved baby corn snake (that’s the one in the white-capped container in the back), a bit of some kind of evergreen plant, a pretty stone that I have no idea what it is (my grandmother bought it for me several years ago but didn’t pick up any info on it), and a preserved lizard.